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Elite golfers by definition are precise, predictable and constant in the way that they approach their practice and playing. Most, if not all, keep a constant record of their statistics whilst on the course and record of their practice regimes and results on the range.

The PERFECTOR gives the elite golfers an absolutely constant set up for these practice sessions, an ability to carry on from one day to the next without the worry of differentials in the setup.  The base line alignment stick allows ball position to be kept exactly the same during practice, which is invaluable to club face alignment during the impact interval.

The PERFECTOR is perfect if used in their lesson environment too, as it is so small, light and compact that wherever they are going to play or practice, once the lesson has finished they can easily transport the PERFECTOR in their golf bag so that the continuity of the lesson/practice is kept.

Also many players, when away from their coaches, either at tournaments or practicing at another venue, video their swings to forward onto the coach for verification of changes.  The PERFECTOR has another vital role, it allows the camera to be placed in exactly the correct position every time, so that the coach can see even the smallest change.

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