About Perfector

The Perfector was born out of a chance encounter between a PGA Teaching Pro and an engineer on his first golfing lesson.

The Pro, a thinking man, who regards golf in an almost religious way, searched for an easy precise drill or teaching aid to move the golf club on the back swing from an address position into the position where the left arm is parallel to the ground; whilst keeping the club head travelling ON PLANE.  The troubled Pro knew there should be a better way and duly spoke to the client, an engineer, regarding some sort of device.

The engineer noticed that sticking alignment sticks in the ground was less accurate than it might be and, of course, they could not be used in the indoor range.

The engineer took up the challenge and between the two of them the Perfector was born 9 Months later. Although the gestation time was the same as a human embryo, the Perfector is a whole lot quieter at night.  A portable swing plane training aid.

Swing Plane Perfector Unboxing/Set- up
An Introduction to the Swing Plane Perfector
Demonstrating the Swing Plane Perfector

A Closer Look at The Perfector

Adjustable for any angle to facilitate individual’s height and length of clubs.
Completely portable. Fits into golf bag pocket.
No setup time, the Perfector is ready for use instantly and can be used anywhere.
  • On grass utilising lawn spikes.
  • Designed for fitting to driving range mat.
  • Free standing using allignment sticks.

The Perfector comes with 3 x 9.5mm diameter alignment sticks being one of the thickest on the market. During development it was found that alignment sticks required a minimum thickness of 9.5mm to reduce flex under their own weight. and so increasing accuracy of angle.

The Perfector is engineered entirely out of solid aluminium by British Engineering. Quality is assured.  The Perfector comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Please Note:  THE PERFECTOR is only sold as a bundle with it’s own alignment sticks.  They are a custom made fit designed to ensure the accuracy of the unit.  They are both a larger diameter and less prone to bend over their length than generally available sticks.  They can be used separately as normal alignment sticks if required.