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  • British engineering, Quality is assured, Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Adjustable for any angle to facilitate individuals height and length of clubs.
  • Usable on grass, at the range, or free standing.
  • Easily portable.  Fits into golf bag pocket.
  • No setup time, the Perfector is ready for use instantly.
  • Includes 3x Premium Quality Alignment Sticks.
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Swing Plane Perfector Unboxing/Set- up

An Introduction to the Swing Plane Perfector

Demonstrating the Swing Plane Perfector

A Closer Look at The Perfector

Adjustable for any angle to facilitate individual’s height and length of clubs.
Completely portable. Fits into golf bag pocket.
No setup time, the Perfector is ready for use instantly and can be used anywhere.
  • On grass utilising lawn spikes.
  • Designed for fitting to driving range mat.
  • Free standing using allignment sticks.

The Perfector comes with 3 x 9.5mm diameter alignment sticks being one of the thickest on the market. During development it was found that alignment sticks required a minimum thickness of 9.5mm to reduce flex under their own weight. and so increasing accuracy of angle.

The Perfector is engineered entirely out of solid aluminium by British Engineering. Quality is assured.  The Perfector comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Please Note:  THE PERFECTOR is only sold as a bundle with it’s own alignment sticks.  They are a custom made fit designed to ensure the accuracy of the unit.  They are both a larger diameter and less prone to bend over their length than generally available sticks.  They can be used separately as normal alignment sticks if required.

Check out some opinions from top coaches and professionals around the World..

Michael Bannon

Coach to Rory Mcilroy

“The Swing Plane Perfector has allowed me and my students an accuracy and ease of consistent set-up with alignment sticks that, previously has been unavailable. It’s a real bonus that it works on the indoor range as good as it does on grass. The unit is light and compact and is easily carried in a student’s golf bag.”

Jim Hardy

One of America’s Top 50 Best Teachers

“I am most impressed with its simplicity and functionality. I have put it to use immediately and it is one of my favorite swing devices in my instruction”.

Tommy Fleetwood

World Top 10 Golfer

Tommy Fleetwood hours before his Race to Dubai win 2017

Alain Alberti

Coach to Raphael Jacquelin

Head Pro at David Leadbetter Acadamy Terre Blanche, France.

“The precision and ease of set-up on any surface and the fact the the PERFECTOR will fit into the pocket of a golf bag, makes it a valuable training aid for any player or coach”

Rob Coles

European Tour Player

The Swing Plane Perfector fits in with my practice regime perfectly.  I take it to every tour event I play as I’m looking for consistency and precision, the fact that it is small and weighs next to nothing is an added bonus.


Hugh Marr

One of the UK’s leading coaches of Elite Players and England Boys Coach

First day using the Swing Plane Perfector, I’m not normally one for training aids but this is really good. A very good product that’s worth considering for all serious coaches

James Ridyard

Golf Performance Consultant, Today’s Golfer Elite Instructor

Try a double Swing Perfector Combo, you’ll never look back!

John Graham

PGA, Webster Golf Club, New York State

As winter approaches, here’s a device to check out that can help with your swing while indoors. Very neat ideas here.

Ian Clark

Fellow of the PGA based at World of Golf driving range, New Malden, Surrey

As you know I like a teaching aid, but this one is good, very very good. Thanks to @swingperfector

Steve Lewton

Asian Tour Player

Having a good week’s work in Indonesia with the Swing Plane Perfector.  Now a user of the Double Perfector Combo.

Gabriella Cowley

England Girls Squad – 3rd in English Championships 2013

I love the Swing Plane Perfector, it’s really a cool training aid. I use it in my lessons and my practice, it makes my practice fun and enjoyable and I know I’m improving because it tells me when I’m getting better.

Paul Holland

PGA Coach

“The Swing Plane Perfector is certainly the highest quality and definitely the most precise and portable plane guide that I have ever seen.”

Today’s Golfer

Joel Tadman, Equipment Editor

‘Brilliant’ It takes the guesswork out of your practice.

Bill Abbott

Director of Education

“The Swing Plane Perfector is an excellent tool for any golf instructor . It allows the coach to work on a number of important issues in the golf swing with their student , covering swing plane , path and alignment and more. Creating a consistency of set up and practice . I will be happy to recommend this product.”

2 reviews for Swing Plane Perfector

  1. Paul

    The Perfector is certainly the most well made and definitely the most precise and portable plane guide that I have come across.

    Paul Holland PGA Coach

  2. Alain Albertie

    The Precision and ease of set-up on any surface,and the fact that the perfector will fit into the pocket in a golf bag makes it a valuable training aid for any player or coach.

    ALain Albertie. (Coach to Raphael Jaquelin. and head pro at the David Leadbetter Acadamy at Tere Blanche France)

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Swing Plane Perfector