Pro Coach

As a teaching professional myself, I recognized that there were tasks that I needed to do be able to achieve and changes to students that I needed to make that were really challenging my abilities because of the lack of suitable equipment.

Firstly on the indoor range I could not set up any work/teaching station with an inclined pole or tour stick because you cannot push them into a solid floor.

This was the beginning of the PERFECTOR.  The PERFECTOR allows any coach to incline a tour stick on any surface !!

Also the visual of an inclined plane attached to a base line is hard for students to imagine – now they do not have to.  The visual and kinesthetic feedback changes them so much.

Videoing becomes easier and more precise due to the camera being able to be set up directly down the plane line.  Setting up median lines and positioning tour sticks to deprive students of lateral movement room is so much easier too.  In fact the list of uses only finishes with how far your imagination travels.

I use mine in the majority of my lessons in one way or another, it is quite simply essential for me, my coaching and my students.

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